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Wheel Bearing Grease

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16 .oz Can
Wholesale Price: $8.09     
6 lb. Can
Wholesale Price:$38.93     
5 Gallon Pail
Wholesale Price:$169.00     

LUBRIPLATE Wheel Bearing Grease is a non-corrosive, extreme pressure, water resistant, shear stable lubricant designed for:

All Grease Type Wheel Bearings
Pickups Passenger Cars
Cruisers Vans
Heavy Duty Trucks Light & Medium Trucks
Highway Truck Trailers Off-Highway Equipment
Boat, House & Recreational Trailers

LUBRIPLATE Wheel Bearing Grease has a high dropping point making it ideal for wheel bearings on vehicles having disc brakes. This lubricant also has a good cold operating temperature making it the “one” wheel bearing lubricant for all temperatures, except the extreme arctic regions.

Part No.