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Lubriplate Synxtreme FG2

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5 Gallon Pail
Wholesale Price:  $328.56
120 lb keg
Wholesale Price:  $1,117.50

*Shipping on drums is not calculated by shopping cart.  Buyer transports freight from 47720 zip code using Common Carrier.

LUBRIPLATE SYNXTREME FG products are 100% synthetic, calcium sulfonate based
food grade synthetic grease. Their advanced technology delivers outstanding shear stability, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water and other corrosive substances. These food grade greases are manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570. 

The major use benefits of the LUBRIPLATE SYNXTREME FG Series are:
* High temperature stability - +700°F drop point.
* Mechanical stability - the greases do not thin out.
* Delivers excellent anti-wear (AW) and extreme pressure (EP) protection.
(see specific results on product)
* Calcium sulfonate thickener delivers unsurpassed rust and corrosion prevention.
* Excellent resistance to chemically treated water washdown procedures at
high temperatures.

*NSF H-1 Registered
“These products are certified OU Kosher Pareve”
“These products are Halal certified”

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