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Lubriplate Super GPO


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Case of 12 Quarts
Wholesale Price: $54.01    
Case of Two - 2 Gallon Oil Jugs
Wholesale Price:$83.00      
5 Gallon Oil Pail
Wholesale Price:$90.69       
* 55 Gal. Drum
Wholesale Price:$831.25     

*Shipping on drums is not calculated by shopping cart.  Buyer transports freight from 47720 zip code using Common Carrier.

We think that LUBRIPLATE SUPER GPO OIL is the Best Diesel Engine Oil because they are formulated turbo charged gas or diesel engines with a chemistry that has a proven record for excellent performance in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines.

LUBRIPLATE SUPER GPO multivis oils are extremely shear stable over long operating periods.