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Lubriplate Spray-Lube "A"

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One Spray Can
Wholesale Price:  $7.95
Case of 12 Cans
Wholesale Price:  $91.40

LUBRIPLATE Spray-Lube A is a multi-purpose, white, medium density lithium  spray grease type lubricant with exceptional penetrating qualities. The convenient aerosol can, which sprays like a fluid but congeals to a grease, puts an end to messy open cans and dirty grease forever. The handy extension spout gets to those hard-to-reach places allowing pinpointing of the lube to minimize waste.

Unlike many lubricants, LUBRIPLATE Spray-Lube A is unaffected by moisture, most
chemicals and acids, and will not run, wash off or dry up. Excellent where no grease fittings
exist and where tolerances are close and where longer lasting lubrication is desirable.
LUBRIPLATE Spray-Lube A may be safely used within temperature
ranges of from -10F
to 275F. A few of the hundreds of possible uses are:

Home Lubricant
Toys, guns, reels, clocks, appliances, skates, hinges, faucet valves, window
regulators, garage doors and openers, bicycles, mowers, garden tools, recliners,
drawer slides, shop tools, automotive hood and truck releases, ashtray slides, door
hinges, cables, battery terminals, accelerator hinges.

Office Lubricant
Typewriters, filing cabinets, adding machines and calculators, duplicating
equipment, swivel chairs.

Industrial Lubricant
Lightly-loaded open gears, cams, couplings, slides, bearings, bushings, lift truck
masts, controls.

Recreational Lubricant
Boat fittings and linkage, golf carts, pin setters, campers, trailers, motorcycles,

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