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Lubriplate Heat Transfer Oil

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5 Gallon Pail
Wholesale Price:  $68.69
*55 Gallon Drum
Wholesale Price:  $665.00

*Shipping on drums is not calculated by shopping cart.  Buyer transports freight from 47720 zip code using Common Carrier.

LUBRIPLATE Heat Transfer Oil is a high viscosity, high flash and fire, extra clean oil, recommended where exceptional heat transfer qualities are desirable. Please note the exceptional high flash point as shown in the tests below:

LUBRIPLATE Heat Transfer Oil is recommended for oil-type heat exchangers used in asphalt plants, roofers’ tar kettles, concrete tile and black curing machines and many other similar industrial applications.

Asphalt paving contractors, roofing contractors, concrete block and tile companies are only a few of your potential customers for this fine product.

Part Numbers: