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"GR-132" Lithium Grease

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  LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is a new concept in the makeup of a lubricant. LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is a lithium combination type thickener, NLGI No. 1 grade lubricant with an ASTM dropping point in excess of 430F and a workable cold test of -40F.

Part Numbers:

Container Size: 6 Lb. Can
Wholesale Price: $220.05

The light viscosity mineral oil in LUBRIPLATE GR-132 makes this lubricant ideal for many high
speed applications where fluid friction must be kept to a minimum. The makeup of this product is such that it is compatible with a wide range of plastics.

LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is being used very successfully in a wide variety of applications including:

-Portable electric tool gear cases.
-Fractional horsepower gear cases.
-High speed ball and roller bearing applications such as found in grinders, woodworking
machinery, exhaust fans, blowers and high speed mixers.
-Gear cases of mechanical bunny (Dog Tracks).
-Hi-cycle rotor grinders and tools.


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