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"Lubriplate GPO" 15w40 Engine Oil


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-Easy starting and fast circulation

-High temperature thermal stability

-Superior anti-rust and bearing corrosion protection

-Good protection from low temperature sludge and varnish formations

-High film strength for superior valve train wear protection in both conventional valve trains and overhead cams

-Good compatibility with nitrile, silicone and polyacrylate elastomers minimizing seal leakage problems.

-Outstanding anti-oxidant properties providing resistance to oil thickening

-Excellent compatibility with fluoroelastomer clutch friction materials, thus extending transmission life

-Improved piston cleanliness, reduced ring and cylinder wear

-Reduced bearing wear, thus increasing bearing life

-Reduced oil consumption

-Improved power shift transmission performance

-Fuel economy

LUBRIPLATE SUPER GPO 15W-40 is recommended for:
ACEA02 - E5/E3/B4/B3/A3/A2
Mack EO-N PP, EO-N, EO-M+
Cat ECF-1
Cummins CES 20,0071/2/6/7/8
Volvo VDS / VDS-2 / VDS-3
Global DHD-1
MB 228.3 / MB 229.1
Man 271 / Man 3275
MTU Oil Category 2

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