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Lubriplate Gear Shield - Extra Heavy

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12 oz Spray
Wholesale Price:  $7.95
Case of 12
12 oz Spray
Wholesale Price:  $91.40
Case of 10
14 oz Caulk Tubes
Wholesale Price:  $41.88
5 Gallon Pail
Wholesale Price:  $121.69

LUBRIPLATE Gear Shield, Extra Heavy Gear Oil does not intend by its name to imply that it is an extra heavy product, but is an NLGI No. 3 grade lubricant designed especially for extra heavy duty applications. LUBRIPLATE Gear Shield Extra Heavy has proven itself an outstanding lubricant on a wide variety of applications. A leading heavy construction firm found it so successful in lubricating the dipper sticks, racks and pinions on their shovels handling blast furnace slag, that they adopted its use on all their shovel operations including strip mining, stone quarrying and highway construction. A leading manufacturer of heavy duty fork-lift trucks found that this lubricant was the only one that successfully lubricated the slides on some large vehicles designed for the Armed Services. Likewise, chemical and other processors using large open gear drives have found that LUBRIPLATE Gear Shield Extra Heavy has lubricated the gears more satisfactorily and prolonged the gear life considerably over that previously experienced using other gear compounds. 

ADVANTAGES - Complete series covering user needs for different film thickness. - Waterproof, corrosion resistant. - Strong adhesive and stay-put properties. - Solid fillers for extra wear protection under heavy load.

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