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Lubriplate Chain and Cable

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LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable Fluid is a chain lubricant used as a lubricating, penetrating and cleansing fluid designed for a multitude of applications. This product will not produce a dry surface; it will maintain a moist film. This unique film, however, will not pick up dust and dirt, but rather acts as a cleansing agent. 

12 .oz Spray Lubricant
Wholesale Price: $7.73        
12/1 Case
12 .oz Spray
Wholesale Price:$79.63         
One Gallon
Wholesale Price:$35.85        
*55 Gallon Drum
Wholesale Price:$1,158.25     

*Shipping on drums is not calculated by shopping cart.  Buyer transports freight from 47720 zip code using Common Carrier.

In the lubrication of wire rope, it is essential not only to protect the outside of the wire, but also to penetrate into the strands to lubricate and reduce friction between these strands and to lubricate and protect the inner core from rust and corrosion. The same basic principles also apply to the lubrication of roller chains -- the required penetration, cleansing and lubrication of the inside of the links is vital in addition to the outside protection and lubrication.

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