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Lubriplate Bio-Syn HF-46

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

LUBRIPLATE Bio-Syn HF-46 is a high performance full synthetic polyolester fluid that meets the highest levels of environmental requirements for both Biodegradability (Readily Biodegradable) and Fish Toxicity (Non-Toxic to Aquatic Life) (LC 50). LUBRIPLATE Bio-Syn HF-46 offers significantly superior oxidation life as compared to vegetable base fluids resulting in extended drain intervals and the elimination of sludge and varnish common to vegetable base fluids.

*Note that some environmental hydraulic oils are classified as “inherently” biodegradable lubricants. “Inherently” indicates that the oil should biodegrade over extremely long periods of time and are not considered truly biodegradable. “Readily” biodegradable hydraulic oils are considered truly biodegradable.

LUBRIPLATE Bio-Syn HF-46 uses a combination of full synthetic polyolester base fluids and high performance anti-wear additives which deliver superior wear protection for all types of hydraulic pumps.

*Shipping on drums is not calculated by shopping cart.  Buyer transports freight from 47711 zip code using Common Carrier.

Part Numbers:

Container Size: *55 Gallon Drum
Wholesale Price: $2305.33