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Lubriplate Aero

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LUBRIPLATE Aero is a neutral lithium base lubricant, manufactured with a light viscosity mineral oil that remains plastic down to -70F, has an ASTM Dropping Point of over 350F and is an NLGI No. 1 consistency.

LUBRIPLATE Aero is recommended for a large variety of applications:
-Trailer landing gear cases.
-Speedometers, odometers and tachometers.
-Parking meters -- Change boxes.
-Instruments -- Gaming machines.
-Garage and door opening mechanisms.
-Cables of various types.
-Steering columns and gear cases.
-TV antenna gear boxes.
-O-Ring and seal lubrication.
-Railway switch and signal equipment.

Part Numbers:

Container Size: Case of  36 - 3/8 .oz Tubes
Wholesale Price: $40.00

Container Size: Case of  36 - 1 3/4 .oz Tubes
Wholesale Price: $105.00