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Lubriplate 930a

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5 Gallon Oil Pail
Wholesale Price: $136.99     
120 Lb. Keg
Wholesale Price: $462.00      

The LUBRIPLATE "930" Series of lubricants are also listed as "multipurpose" lubricating grease, but with a higher operating temperature range than the "630" Series. These lubricants possess high film strength and exceptional resistance to water, steam and other adverse operating conditions. Since these lubricants are of the non-melt type, they can be used successfully for high temperature applications up to 375F and for short intervals up to 400F.

LUBRIPLATE No. 930-A is a heavy-body NLGI No. 2.5 lubricant for applications requiring a heavy type product such as grease cups.

Part Numbers:
L0095-001, L0095-006, L0095-035, L0095-039