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"Lubriplate No. 5555" Auto Grease

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LUBRIPLATE No. 5555 can be used for many applications, such as an auto grease, it is an anhydrous calcium, semi-fluid, mild extreme pressure, water repellent fluid lubricant designed for a wide variety of applications.

Typical applications for LUBRIPLATE No. 5555 include: Automatic lubricating systems especially designed for light fluids or oils usually found on fork lift trucks, trailers, canning and bottling equipment and other similar applications.

Centralized lubricating systems under adverse extreme cold weather conditions.  Gear cases and chain cases of speed reducers, portable tools, transfer cases, etc., especially where noise, leaking or climatic temperature changes vary considerably. Track rolls for IHC T-6 and TD-6 crawler tractors. Roller bearing guide pin sleeves (high speed) on machine tools.

Container Size: 5 Gallons
Wholesale Price: $107.33


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