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Lubriplate 1200-2

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6 lb. Can
Wholesale Price:  $42.50
Case of 10
14 oz. Tubes
Wholesale Price:  $42.13
5 Gallon Pail
Wholesale Price:  $147.31
120 lb. Keg
Wholesale Price:  $498.50


LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 is a heavy duty lubricant especially designed to meet the ever increasing requirements for higher film strength, higher operating temperatures, greater stability and longer lubricant life. LUBRIPLATE 1200-2 provides a tough protective film ensuring superior lubrication and extended lubrication intervals.

For the fleet and truck operator, LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 was specifically designed as one lubricant to take care of wheel bearings, all chassis points including ball joints and universal joints, water pumps and fifth wheels.

For the contractor, logger and miner, LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 is the ideal multipurpose lubricant for this heavy-duty construction equipment, providing outstanding film strength and adhesiveness for shock load protection as well as providing the utmost protection against mud and water. For the industrial user, LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 is an extremely stable, extreme pressure lubricant for a multiple number of uses, thus reducing lubricant inventories.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 has provided outstanding lubrication over a wide variety of applications including truck fleets, bus fleets, cement trucks, garbage trucks, construction, mining, logging, marine and a great variety of industrial applications.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1200-2 fulfills the requirement of one lubricant for practically all grease applications in these heavy-duty fields.

- Exceptional film strength.
- Excellent shear stability especially at high operating temperatures.
- Non-corrosive extreme pressure properties.
- Highly waterproof.
- Rust and corrosion inhibited.
- Very good oxidation resistance even under high operating temperatures.
- Long lasting protection over a wide range of environmental conditions.