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Cable and Chain Lubricant



1. Lubricating wire rope on Gantry cranes of large shipbuilding yards involving very severe service, salt air, and salt water. The end results are very outstanding. Greatly extended wire rope life, less downtime, and usage cut to approximately 50% of product previously used.

2. On a cross-country motorcycle - 24-hour endurance race, through mud, water, dust, dirt, and heat, the first three cycles to finish were all lubricated with LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable Fluid. Also, they were the only contestants that finished the race without breaking any chains.

3. Plus many other applications, including:

* A general-purpose lubricant for vending machines and sewing machines.

* Speedometer cable and housing - penetrates, creeps and softens grease as well as lubricates.

* Control cables, latches, pins etc., on concrete trucks - penetrates concrete and frees metal parts.

* Door Locks - Frees frozen door locks.

* Nut Busting, prevents rusting.

* As a spray lubricant and coolant for cutting operations on machine tools; threading, drilling, tapping, pipe cutting, sawing, filing.

* Penetrates and lubricates equipment components exposed to adverse conditions; salt, road grime, rust and corrosion, plus many other contaminants.